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Spy Shots: BMW’s 2018 F900GS

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From www.morebikes.co.uk. Remember this applies to Europe. We haven’t been told anything about the bike’s release in Australia – Ed

Here’s the latest spy shot of BMW’s next-gen middleweight GS – this is the BMW F900GS.

The bike is due to enter the range as the top-of-the-range for the middleweight adventure machines with familiar but sharper styling. It gets an all-new aluminium frame, revised engine layout to make the new parallel-twin motor more narrow than others in the range. The final drive is also moved from the right of the bike to the left.

The exhaust on the new bike now exits the chassis on the right, the old F800GS’ unit was a left-side exit. From the picture (above) you can see how narrow the bike’s shoulders and petrol tank cover are, also.

The bike also gets a new aluminium swingarm and  a stronger subframe to increase luggage carrying capability.

Below is the old F800GS Adventure (on the right), alongside the new F900GS – you can really see how much smaller the new bike is in comparison to the older machine. The new bike was run in the test session with a small, standard windscreen and no handguards.

What is also clear from our picture below is that the mid-point of the bike, where a rider’s legs reach down to the floor, has been made specifically more narrow than on the older machine. BMW has done this to make the bike easier to paddle about on and to increase the amount of foot on the floor without having to reduce seat height.

More images at https://www.morebikes.co.uk/37116/spy-shots-revealed-bmws-2018-f900gs-caught-out-in-finished-trim/

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