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KLR Kronicles: 1

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Two Adventure Rider Magazine staffers are now KLR650 owners. Ad manager Mitch has a 2009 model which was built for ADVX, but ended up not doing the whole event – although it powered from Alice Spings, down the Finke Access Road and back across to the east coast without any worries at all – and editor TF has just purchased a 2007 Gen 2 model and is about to start the build.

Mitch’s bike

This KLR is a hard worker and already has a fair history:

* Purchased in 2014 from a web advertisement on advrider.com. When the bike arrived it had pannier racks, a near-new set of Andy Strapz Expedition Pannierz, and a new set of Barkbusters

* The bike had an electrical short which was difficult to find, but eventually sorted

* Rox Risers ’bar risers and a set of ’bars were fitted

* Teknik Racing fitted front and rear suspension (which was awesome)

* Safari Tanks supplied a 32-litre tank

* Footpegs were moved in a surprising and mysterious way that made the bike fantastic to stand up on

* Bike fell off the trailer on its way back from the Melbourne MotoExpo

* A Barrett pipe was fitted

After the half-ADVX ride the bike went from being a magazine bike to being the privately owned adventure mount for ad-man Mitch. He proceeded to break the footpegs off it a couple of times, swapped the Barrett pipe for a Lexx, flat-spotted the wheels, is now looking at some new SMP Pro rims from John Titman Racing, and an inspection of the balancer chain. The doohickey hasn’t been changed on this bike.

That’s after The Congregation in northern NSW on the weekend of September 17 and 18. With a new Mitas ME09 fitted to the rear and a Mitas C-17 StoneEater on the front, the KLR will run from Sydney up to Inverell and back for the event.

That’s where the bike’s up to right now.

Tom’s bike

Purchased from an ad on the KLR Owner’s Group Facebook page.

This bike – called ‘Kemrit’ – is a 2007 model with an FMF pipe, LED dash lights, a PVC-pipe tool tube, Rox Risers ’bar risers and some nearly new Pirelli Skorpion Trail tyres. There’s a heavier spring on the shock, and the suspension actually works fairly well.

At this very early stage the bike seems mechanically sound, but is a bit rough cosmetically.

It’s scheduled to go through a build over the next few months, then will work seriously hard if all goes to plan.

Right now the frustration of changing the rego from Queensland to NSW is proving really fricken annoying. Everything is on hold while a blue slip, green slip, and mountain of paperwork is organised and processed.

We’ll keep you posted.

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