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Wanted! Spot This Rider To Be In The Draw For $1000


Spot This Rider To Be In The Draw For $1000- This Monday 25th March, Sunny ‘MotoGrapher’, a pivotal figure in the motorcycling community and a long-time collaborator with our publication, will embark on an exciting journey from Sydney to Perth. His ventures across Australia have not only captivated our readers but have also graced the covers of our magazine, showcasing the spirit and adventure of Sunny’s lifestyle.

In his recent Instagram update, he revealed his preparations for the upcoming ride, which looks to be as thrilling as it is ambitious. From preparing his and his team’s motorcycles in a garage, accompanied by the anticipation and excitement that precede every journey, to a surprising discovery – he found our latest magazine issue featuring him on the cover, with a captivating contest.

We invite you to spot him during his Sydney to Perth run and potentially win $1000 by capturing a selfie with him.


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