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10 piss-poor reasons to not go riding

by admin

Anyone in your group use these? If they do, maybe it’s time you joined a different group.

1. Too wet

“Nobody likes riding in the rain. And it’s dangerous, right? The roads and tracks might be slippery and a rider could get hurt. Worse! A bike might get damaged.”

2. Too dry

“There’s no fun in riding along with parched lips and the wind so hot a rider can’t cool down. And there might be dust. Dust is destructive, unsafe and just plain unpleasant.”

3. Too cold

“Hypothermia is a serious medical condition. A rider could end up in, like, hospital! And even if he doesn’t, being cold sucks. Best off to stay home and watch the footy until the temperature rises.”

4. Too hot

“Dehydration, heat stroke, boiling radiators, melted confectionary and warm water in the Camelbak…do I need to say more?”

5. Too far

“Riding’s great and everything, but there are limits. Long distances wear out tyres. Who can afford that? And you get a sore bum.”

6. Not far enough

“It’s just not worth getting the bike out of the shed, packing all the gear and suiting up.”

7. MotoGP’s on telly

This one actually seems reasonable.

8. Need a new tyre

“The rear tyre’s not the right type for the terrain that’s planned. The compound might be a little too hard for the muddy sections or a bit soft if there’s any rocks…and the tread pattern doesn’t really suit the ground in that part of the State.”

9. Bike will get dirty

“That bike  cost some serious legal tender! I can’t take it out and get it covered in mud and crap!”

10. Haven’t washed the bike after the last ride

“Seriously, I can’t take the bike out of the shed looking like that. It just wouldn’t be right.”

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