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2019 BMW F850 GS Adventure: First specs

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An article by Ben Purvis at motorcyclemagazine.com is showing ‘leaked’ details of the 2019 F850GSA…

“Just days ago it was confirmed that BMW will add an F850 GS Adventure to its range in 2019. Now we’ve got some firm specifications for the new bike to go with its name.

“The F850 GS Adventure uses most of the same components as the normal F850 GS. The engine is identical, making 70kW at 8250rpm, or 66kW at 8000rpm if limited to 91 RON fuel. The  basics of the chassis are also the same, but the Adventure gains a more aggressive look and more off-road ability.

“The new specifications we’ve seen include the weight. The road-ready, fully-fulled mass rises from 229kg for the normal F850 GS to 244kg for the 2019 F850 GS Adventure. At least some of that increase comes courtesy of a larger fuel tank. The Adventure also has longer-travel suspension and additional crash protection, as well as new bodywork.

“In terms of dimensions, the F850 GS Adventure is wider than the normal F850 GS, at 939mm without mirrors, compared to 877mm. Height is also up, ranging from 1450mm to 1492mm, compared to 1356mm for the normal GS.

“Given its extra weight and size, it’s no surprise to discover that the F850 GS Adventure loses some top speed. The normal F850 GS will manage some 210km/h, but the Adventure version tops out at 197km/h. With 91 RON fuel restricting power to 66kW, those figures drop to 206km/h for the F850 GS and 191km/h for the F850 GS Adventure.”

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