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2019 WA Adventure Rider Magazine Congregation Recce Ride

by admin

An excited Jason Miltrup has sent a few pics and thoughts on the WA Congregation ride and venue. Here’s what he had to say after roosting his new 790 over the terrain on a wet day:

  • 400+ km each way into the south west of WA to the town of Northcliffe (Sat/Sun)
  • The new 790R had it’s 1000km service then was loaded up for the ride
  • It was myself and four invited Motorrad Garage customers (Neal, Natale, Frank and Maciej)
  • Range of different styles of adv bikes to make sure we catered for all sizes and skill levels
  • There were open roads, twin-trail, hills, river crossings etc – something for everyone
  • The trails were wet and greasy and there were a few obstacles along the way
  • The pictures of some of the more difficult steep descents were added as extra for fun but wouldn’t be in the final routes
  • We arrived after dark and left first thing in the morning so I only had the chance to grab a few pictures outside the actual venue
  • We think we have enough info now to recommend a great ride there and back

It looks as awesome as the 2017 WA Congregation, and that one rocked.

See details at www.motorradgarage.com.au or here on www.advridermag.com.au.

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