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A BMW R1200GS hover bike?

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By Ben Purvis on www.motorcycle-magazine.com…

BMW makes full-size version of LEGO model

No, it’s not something you’ll be able to buy, but BMW has created a full-scale version of the R1200GS hover bike that’s already available as a 603-part LEGO kit.

This is the LEGO version

Anyone with memories of building LEGO kits will recall that there are always instructions for an alternative model as well as the main version. And since LEGO makes a scale replica of the BMW R1200GS, there’s a second model that can be made from that set of parts. It’s a futuristic hover bike.

BMW has completed the circle and built a mock-up of a full-scale hover bike using the LEGO kit as inspiration.

The full size model nears completion

Heiner Faust, Head of Sales and Marketing BMW Motorrad, said: “BMW Motorrad approached LEGO Group with the idea of a collaboration because the two companies have much in common: they both successfully combine innovation and tradition in their brands and products, providing unforgettable experiences for young and old alike all over the world.”

The ‘LEGO Technic Hover Ride’ is the alternative model included in the R1200GS kit and was jointly developed by LEGO and BMW.

The finished thing. Hovering is photo trickery, though

Alexander Buckan, Head of BMW Motorrad Vehicle Design, explained: “It was a great idea and a superb creative challenge to develop a fictitious model from the parts of the LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure set. Our concept not only incorporates the BMW Motorrad design DNA with typical elements such as the boxer engine and the characteristic GS silhouette, it also draws on the LEGO Technic stylistic idiom.”

The full-size version is dubbed the Hover Ride Design Concept. It’s the work of the BMW Junior Company Munich, where BMW trainees from various departments work together.

This is what the kit looks like in normal R1200GS form

Trainees in the second to fourth year of their course used the serial-production parts of the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure to build a life-size model of the LEGO Technic Hover Ride.

“It was incredibly inspiring to see colleagues from different disciplines working with our trainees. Everyone involved in this project learned an awful lot,” said Markus Kollmannsperger, trainer for technical model-making.

Don’t try to order one from your BMW dealer, though. You’ll have to make do with the LEGO version for the foreseeable future.

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