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Adventure Rider Magazine has been out and about

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Adventure Rider Magazine has been out and about. We like to present the image of hard-working journos, chained to our desks and seldom leaving the office.

In fact, that’s exactly how it is.

Here’s a few pics of us hard at work.


Someone had to go to Sardinia, an island in the Tuscany region of Italy, and ride the new Ducati Multistrada Enduro. It was like a cage fight as staffers clawed and hacked at each other, battlsing for the chance to accept Ducati’s invitation. Only the very toughest could’ve hoped to survive.

While everyone was fighting for their lives the editor sleazed onto the plane and, as he puts it, “Got a tough job done”.

Andy Strapz was keen to show off his new showroom and premises, and it’s mighty sharp. There’s a premium retail area out front, and a big, light, airy work area behind where the Strapz products are made. The promise of a coffee had the editor on site faster then you could say, “Strapz clapz catz crapz.”


The folks at Triumph were as hospitable and enthusiastic as ever, even after the editor drooled all over an as-yet-unreleased Speed Triple 1050. Triumph has hit a purple patch with some amazing new models and updates for 2016, and although he’s supposed to be sleuthing for adventure-bike info, it doesn’t take much to sidetrack the editor. Any bike as good-looking as this one grabs his instant and undivided attention.

Here’s two for the price of one. The editor dropped in to BMW Motorrad to pick up the new F 800 GS long-termer, and he and Miles Davis both stood around for ages admiring the bike and telling each other how good they were.


The boss ‘forgot’ the way back to the office while out doing ‘product research’. It’s frustrating no-one understands the stress of the job.

007 “Oh no! Wasn’t I supposed to go into the office today? Oh well…”


Putting together the Tour Of Duty routes meant someone had to spend a lot of time putting the routes together. The Boss made the sacrifice and rode all over Victoria and NSW. “It’s all about the readers,” he yawned.

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