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Australia’s iconic adventure travel gear brand Andy Strapz is celebrating completing a quarter of a century in business in this year, proving there’s a strong demand for quality Australian-made gear that’s clever and practical in equal measure. 

“It’s hard to believe it was 25 years ago that I bought a secondhand sewing machine, taught myself rudimentary sewing and knocked up what turned into Andy Strapz,” founder and owner Andy White says. “We were told Aussie manufacturing of quality bike gear would end in tears.  There’s been no shortage of tears but hey, we’re still here.”

Andy was an Emergency Nurse at the time of the business’s inception and after witnessing too many times just how dangerous conventional ‘bungee’ straps were and, as a long-time rider, set out to develop a safer, more effective option for riders. 

“The straps were my Mother of Invention and then over the next decade that mother’s sister kept on my case as I developed thermals, seat bags and soft panniers,” Andy recalls. “And so with the help of skilled staff, ‘Bob’s yer Mother’s Brother’ and here we are. 

“Andy Strapz is something I’m profoundly grateful for and immensely proud of. A combination of dogged persistence and trust of intuition has somehow worked.”

Still manufactured in Victoria using carefully chosen materials based not just on their quality but only after rigorous and thorough testing of sometimes as many as three or four prototypes. 

Over the time he has amassed an impressive range of quality motorcycle travel gear to complement what the factory makes. Ranging from helmets and clothing to camping equipment. He trials and endorses everything that comes onboard. It’s a model Andy stands by for everything he sells in his Victorian-based store, all of which is also offered online. “We think it’s of paramount importance to not only trial what we sell but get a clear picture of how they work as well as the pros and cons of various applications,” Andy says.

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