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Andy Strapz Inna Pakz

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A two-part, zippered and hinged pack.

  • Keep things in order and ready for the end of the day
  • Made of tough nylon fabric with a waterproof bonded backing
  • One half covered with clear PVC and the other with mesh
  • Each half has a capacity of about four litres
  • Ideal for moving clean gear to dirty, or dry to damp, as each day progresses
  • Slips in and out of panniers or rack bags easily
  • Hangs from clothes hooks in bathrooms or hotel rooms
  • The two halves close with velcro strips

RRP: $45 plus postage

Available from: Andy Strapz

Phone: (03) 9786 3445

Email: [email protected]

For more information visit www.andystrapz.com

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