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Australia crossing record attempt

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Australia crossing record attempt details

Nov 22nd Tuesday

Fly to perth 22nd pick up bike and ride to Geraldton and stay night .  450 km (easy on tyres)

Nov 23rd Wednesday Geraldton to steep point.  600 km (easy on tyres) camp out on Steep point


Thursday 24th leave steep point at 5 am Wa time.

Steep to Overlander 184 km 2.4 hours  Leave 5.00 am Overlander open at 7 am   arrive at overlander 7-30 am

Overlander to Meeka 540 km 5.5 hours Open form 5 am till  10 pm arrive at Meeka 12.50 pm

Meeka to Carnegie 525 km 5 hours  Organise fuel to be open arrive at Carnegie 6.pm 35 min break . Dinner ,refuel,rewater min 6 litres

Carnegie to Warburton 488 km 12 hours (8 riding,4 hour sleep) ( need to do 200 km after Carnegie) Warburton is on W.A time . (last 130 km easy going 100kmph ave.  .

then Nt is 1hr 30 min ahead. 60 litres of fuel  resupply water. Roadhouse open at 9 am

Friday 25th

Warburton to Kulgera 760 km 8 hours Chance of fuel 200 km at papulantuku  fuel till 12 pm . Need to get to Kulgera before 7 pm

Kulgera to Mt dare 251km 3 hours  (Friday night at 8.30 pm fuel at Mt dare) Meal at Mt dare. 30 min break 70 litres of fuel,7 litres of water.

Mt dare to Birdsville 510 km 13 hours including 4 hour sleep(Qld is 30 minutes ahead)

planned arrival at Birdsville 10 am QLD time. A wake up time of 5 am to do the toughest section before popples in daylight. 20 min stop at Birdsville 70 litres fuel,4 litres of water.

Saturday 26th

Birdsville to Quilpie 633 km 6 hours

Quilpie to Charleville 209 km 2 hours 24 hour fuel at Charleville

Charleville to Goondi 576 km 6 hours

Goondi to Byron bay 460 km 5.3 hours (hills and traffic)

Total number of refuels is 10 . @ 15 min each 1.30 min

68.2 plus refuels is 69.7 hours total if all goes well.

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Primary spot


Secondary spot link


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