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Avon Tyres’ new TrekRider tyre gives adventure riders the best of both worlds

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Avon Tyres has launched the new TrekRider motorcycle tyre combining superb off-road and on-road performance. The TrekRider is Avon’s first adventure tyre that offers a 50/50 split of on road versus off-road performance.
Designed for light to medium trails, the tyre works as well in mud and gravel as it does on asphalt. This new tyre will make choosing tyres for an adventure bike much simpler. Often when selecting the best road bike tyre, performance can be limited when riding on mud, but with a full-on dirt tyre, a bike’s roadholding can be affected. Avon’s new TrekRider has been designed to cut out any of this compromise.
The TrekRider’s pattern is all-new, with specially-designed tread blocks and channels that cut through mud, yet also stay stable on tarmac and concrete. A totally enhanced construction on the cross-ply carcasses gives impressive high-speed stability for motorway work, yet retains the compliance found on a dedicated dirt bike tyre.

Finally, a specially-chosen compound mix optimises grip on both wet and dry roads, while boosting traction in the dirt.
“In recent years, Avon has mainly focused on tyres with a majority of the performance being on road,” said Ashley Vowles, Avon’s motorcycle tyre design engineer. “To design a tyre that performs both on road and off, was an exciting project, and we have put in a lot of development work. The challenge is to make sure you have the handling and stability you want on tarmac – but you have to be careful that it doesn’t affect the performance off-road.”
Vowles has overseen thousands of miles of testing on a wide range of bikes, from BMW’s GS range, through the KTM Adventure series, and on smaller machinery, like Triumph’s 800 Tigers and the Yamaha XT660.
“We’ve benchmarked TrekRider against the best competitor tyres in that sector, and we’re very happy with the results,” he said. “The new TrekRider passes all our handling and stability tests with flying colours.”

Avon’s TrekRider is available in the following sizes:

TrekRider AV84 Front
90/90-21 54T $139.95
110/80-19 59T $179.95

TrekRider AV85 Rear
130/80-17 65T $189.95
140/80-17 69T $219.95
140/80-18 70T $219.95
150/70-17 69T $239.95

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