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Barkbusters hand protection for 2017 KTM Super Adventure

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Despite machines only arriving in Australia in May, Barkbusters has taken delivery of the new 2017 KTM Super Adventure S, R and T models for detailed measurement and inspection, enabling the handguard specialist to add OEM replacement kits to its expanding model-specific range.

Having enjoyed its sixth record-breaking year in a row, KTM is enjoying continued high demand for its machines. The Adventure range alone accounts for sales of 75,000 units since its introduction in 2003 and for good reason.

Naturally, owners take great pride in their KTMs, and are highly selective about the accessories they fit. With its two-point, alloy-mounted handguards, Barkbusters offers riders a precision-engineered part that is as visually appealing as it is tough and practical. Like every Barkbusters product, it has been specifically designed to ensure a clean fit and easy installation.

As with the rest of the model-specific and universal range, owners can tailor their hand guards via Barkbusters’ modular plastics system that comprises JET, VPS, STORM and CARBON style options. Most dealers will carry stock of these so ordering will not usually be necessary.

Barkbusters CEO, Matthew Phillpott, is a KTM Adventure rider himself. “Having owned more than one KTM Adventure over the past 10 years, I wanted to be sure we were immediately on the ball with the latest incarnations. No matter whether riders are using their bike on the road or in the dirt, our handguards ensure their hands are properly protected, while complementing the aesthetics of this fantastic machine.”

For further information on all Barkbusters products visit: www.barkbusters.net

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