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Celebrate 40 years of Vince Strang Motorcycles at the northern Congregation

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Some of you will be aware of this upcoming event. On 16 and 17th of September the annual Adventure Rider Magazine congregation is being held at Green Valley Farm near Inverell.

Vince Strang Motorcycles is involved with the event and is encouraging DR/DRZ (of all capacities) riders to grab some mates and make a weekend of it.

The compelling reasons for this are twofold: the 17th of September, 1977, was the day VSM opened the doors for the first time. It was 40 years ago. And perhaps even more important this year is the 21st year of the DR650SE model in Australia.

VSM is planning to celebrate these momentous occasions by putting challenging to Aussie DR/DRZ riders and attempt to get 100 DR/DRZs to this event!

Apart from a huge gathering of like-minded DR enthusiasts, VSM will be running a sausage sizzle on the Friday afternoon – the 15th – for early arrivals and on Saturday is planning two ride courses. On Saturday afternoon at the Green Valley venue Vince Strang himself will do a talk on maintenance and tips to do during a long adventure ride and a trailside tyre-repair demonstration with a question and – hopefully – answer session.

Of the ride routes one will be around three-to-four hours and mostly dirt/ gravel roads, some not so well used. The second will be a lot shorter, one-to-two hours, but a couple of more challenging sections and really only suitable for DR/DRZs, not the bigger bikes.

VSM will offer have a bunch of give-aways and prizes. Suzuki will provide Suzuki ‘show bags’ for everyone on a DR/DRZ, and VSM willl have a number of special awards, open orders to the VSM web site, Suzuki jerseys, caps and other branded goodies.

Please let as many DR people know about this. Vince and his staff really look forward to meeting and talking to as many of you as

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