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Continental TKC70s

by admin

A pair of Continental TKC70s have been doing service with the editor, and he’s raving about them.

Regular readers will know the bike in the pic gets the best of everything. It’s the editor’s personal pet ride and he doesn’t hold back. Whenever he decides he wants something done to the bike, or equipment fitted, it’s like he’s having open-heart surgery. Everything has to be the best and most proven product he can find. He paid full retail at the local dealer for these tyres and hasn’t looked back. They’re ideally suited to the type of riding the bike does: lots of bitumen, lots of dirt road, and only the very occasional trail (he gets a bit mental if it gets any stone chips or scratches).

The TKC70s give a smooth ride on the tarmac but still offer good grip on the dirt. We don’t know what the wear is like yet, but TF has indicated his total satisfaction with the way the tyres perform. He plans to stick with them on this bike, and that’s a pretty big recommendation.

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