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DARE is a benchmark rider training and rider experience program. The program has been developed to enhance the off-road riding experience of Ducati owners and enthusiasts. Geared essentially to the adventurer and explorer, the program boasts 2 levels of training to ensure riders have the adequate skills to master their Ducati in a variety of terrain. The program is designed to assist owner’s progress from a basic level of riding skill, to a level of competency and confidence that after Level 1 they are equipped to start building on their skills base to gain a true relationship with their machine.

Level 1: This is where riders find out that they can learn a lot and have great fun at the same time.

Apart from learning about the outstanding features of their chosen Ducati, they will also learn tips tricks and techniques for; Pre ride inspections, bike setup, electronics overview and settings,

Clutch throttle / brake control, fore and aft and side to side balance,

Active and passive riding styles, ascents and descents, hill starts using cycle technology. The course will be scaled based on the group’s riding skills and experience and will end with a nature ride incorporating all aspects of the level 1 course.

Level 2: Advanced level Program where the adventure begins.

LEVEL 2: Advanced level Program where the adventure begins The level 2 program will see riders moving into more challenging terrain with the emphasis on higher level riding skills and techniques. The hills get bigger, the tracks tighter and the enjoyment levels are measured in smiles. Level 2 prepares riders for extended expeditions with training on cornering and braking techniques for unsealed surfaces. These techniques and skills will ensure a safer adventure when away from civilisation.

As the degree of difficulty increases throughout the day so does the riders enjoyment as they start to dial in the settings on their bike and rider to maximise their capability and enjoyment.

The program covers off on packing and maintaining the bike on long treks and a variety of tips relevant to adventure bike touring on a Ducati.

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