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Held Air Vest. Check this out!

by admin

It’s an inflatable protective vest. If you come off, it inflates and makes a major shield for impact. Awesome.

Here’s a few features…

* High-breathability liner with 3D air-mesh panels on back

* Quick closure at front

* One outside pocket

* Turtle Air Bag certified according to current standards, unfolds entirely within 0.1 seconds

* SAS-TEC coccyx protector

* Velcro for optional chest protector

* SAS-TEC back protector certified to EN 1621-2

* Sizes: S, M, L, XL, B-L, B-XL

* Colours: black; black and neon yellow

The Air Vest sells for around $850 and you can get one from heldaustralia.com.au

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