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KTM Adventure range coming fast

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Like a faintly-visible dust cloud on the horizon, accompanied by a rising exhaust note that beckons you as a call of the wild the world’s most impressive Adventure range is coming fast, and soon to arrive at a dealership near you.

There’s a reason KTM Adventure models are so highly regarded. They’re the product of a company that’s both famous for its competitiveness and blessed with a passion for adventure motorcycling that literally knows no boundaries. KTM has devoted itself so completely to understanding what it takes for adventure bikes to not just exist, but work in the wild, that it’s spawned 16 Dakar victories in a row at the hands of seven different riders.

What KTM has learned in Rally competition around the world has been mated to suspension DNA derived straight from the World Championship-winning enduro range, for the finest in off-road suspension technology, then refined and reflected in KTM’s toughest, smartest, and most thrilling Adventure range yet.

The Adventure 1090R, 1290S and 1290R will all be available from your KTM Dealer in the first week of May 2017.

The 1090 Adventure R is the new class leader, with specially tuned WP suspension, off- road wheels and a tough V-Twin engine that produces 125 hp (92 kW) – That’s 23 more than Fabrizio Meoni’s Dakar-winning 950. When combined with KTM’s lightweight chassis with well-balanced stiffness distribution it takes the KTM 1090 Adventure R to the top of its class in terms of power-to-weight ratio and ride dynamics. With off-road engine map, ABS and TC as standard, the 1090R features the same state-of-the-art technology as the KTM 1290 Adventure R – because muscle is always more attractive when it’s intelligent. The KTM 1090R Adventure will retail at $19,955 + ORC which provides outstanding value for money.

When it comes to unique experiences of the adrenaline-fuelled kind, there’s no motorcycle quite the KTM Super Adventure 1290S. Whack the throttle wide open in the middle of a nasty corner. Brake hard while fully leant over. No harm is done – just grin and rocket on. Even when you’re bending the laws of physics with the world’s most powerful production off road engine (160hp, 140Nm of torque, 238 kg) your KTM is kept in control by the most advanced electronics in the world of motorcycling. All you have to do is focus on the adventure ahead – and hold on tight. From buttery smooth cruising to riding hyperactive off-roading, the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S covers all bases like nothing else at $23,995 + ORC.

KTM’s famous no-compromise Travel Enduro – the KTM 1290R Super Adventure proves that brawn and brains not only go together, they belong together. Perfectly suited for Australian conditions, the 1290 Adventure R seamlessly meshes 1301cc, 140 Nm of torque and 160 horsepower together with intelligent electronic control systems to create a mile-munching omnivore, ready to carve its name into any terrain – the tougher, the better. Priced at $25,995 + ORC this is KTM’s most extreme Adventure R ever, and the clear benchmark in the travel enduro segment.

KTM’s Adventure range is coming early May, and your adventure is calling you – make sure you experience it with the best.

For more information on KTM’s Adventure range, visit www.ktm.com.au.

See Adventure Rider Magazine‘s review in issue #23, on sale in early June.

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