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Motorbikin’ goes V-Strom!

by admin

In a Facebook post, Motorbikin’ owner and the wildest-ridin’ dairy farmer on the planet, Phil Hodgens, announced his next project – A Suzuki V-Strom.

Time to come clean,” said Phil in the post. “We picked up an 09 V Strom in a very unmolested state for a couple of grand. The plan is to crack out the oxy grinder and chain saw and see if we can cut off around 30 kilos. Then up the suspension. Increase the clearance. And armadillo her up with some b&b armor. In the mean time we’re having a ball carving back road gravel on what has to be the best bang for your buck bike on the 2nd hand market.”


Knowing Phil we’ll soon find out just how far a V-Strom can be pushed…The Simpson? Cape York? Steep Point and back?

When Phil’s involved, all those things are possible!

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