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New KTM 1090 and 1290

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KTM has revealed its plans for its range of big bore adventure bikes in 2017.

Gone are the 1050 Adventure, 1190 Adventure and the 1190 Adventure R, and in their places stand three newer models. The 1050 will be replaced by the 1090 Adventure, while the 1190 Adventure and its R version have been replaced by the 1290 Super Adventure R and S. The 1290 Super Adventure is the only big adventure bike in KTM’s current adventure lineup that survived, though it’s been renamed thanks to the addition of a T, for travel.

Unveiled at Intermot

The new 1290 Super Adventure T isn’t really that new. This is essentially the current Super Adventure, made Euro4 compliant and given an extra character on the end of its name (T for Travel) to make a clear distinction between it and the more focused off-road R, and less imposing S.



The 1290 R. Drooooool!

Orange frame and crash bars and big suspension travel. And topping Ducati’s Multistrada Enduro 1200, the KTM 1290 motor is capable of 173hp with 103.25ftlb of torque, although it’s likely to hit showrooms offering 160hp.

The R gets a new look at the front and integrated into the lower part of the headlights are LED cornering lights which are controlled by the MSC lean angle sensor.

21-inch front and 18inch rear rims and are tubeless design. They’re also fitted with KTM’s Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which checks pressures constantly, and warns the rider in case of pressure loss.

Fully adjustable WP suspension with 220mm of travel front and rear. Stiffer springs in the inverted 48mm WP fork, and a progressively damped PDS shock.

The 1301cc V-twin was used in the 2016 Super Adventure, but for 2017 it gets Euro4 homologation, and its intake has gained newly developed expansion chambers for improved refinement and smoother power delivery, especially in the low and mid range.

The engine and chassis are all tied together with the Bosch MSC package in its top specification with integrated, lean-angle sensitive C-ABS, Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC) and five riding modes (Sport, Street, Rain and Off-road).

In off-road mode, the ABS will allow the rider to lock the rear wheel, while retaining ABS on the front wheel. There’s also keyless ignition, cruise control, and an options list that includes Hill Hold Control (HHC), Motor Slip Regulation (MSR) and a bidirectional quickshifter – all of which can be controlled seamlessly via the new 6.5in TFT colour dash. There’s even a waterproof mobile phone compartment with integrated USB charger. And, of course, there are acres of luggage options, too.

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