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Suzuki 250 V-Strom

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Motorcycle-magazine.com is reporting a 248cc V-Strom about to go sale in Europe. The site says:

“The new Suzuki DL250 V-Strom was revealed as a concept in China last week but is set to reach European markets as a production model.

“We won’t have to wait long to find out more, as Suzuki will bring the bike to the EICMA show in Milan in early November for a fuller launch. However, it’s already clear that, like the new GSX-250R, it’s a derivative of the existing Inazuma 250/GW250.

“The bike’s specification includes the same 53.5mm bore and 55.2mm stroke as the Inazuma, giving an identical 248cc capacity from the parallel twin engine. The compression ratio, at a mild 11.5:1, is also unchanged, as is the 18.4kW (25hp) power output.

“The limited specs available show a 17 litre fuel tank and a weight of 192kg.

“While the performance isn’t going to be spectacular, the figures – which are near-identical to those of the GSX-250R – aren’t as disappointing as on the sportier machine. As a city-bound commuter bike in the mould of the existing Inazuma, the DL250 V-Strom has much more appealing styling and fits the current trend for adventure machines. It’s a good illustration of how to take existing components and turn them into something much more interesting.

“The frame appears unaltered from the original Inazuma’s, as do the forks, but the DL250 gets new wheels. It’s also given the ABS and Euro4 emissions restrictions needed to go on sale in Europe after the start of next year.”

Yamaha has shown a 250cc off-roader can earn a big welcome in the adventure market with the WR250R, but whether the Strom troopers will take to a parallel twin dualsporter will be interesting. There’s also no mention of the bike coming to Australia yet. We’ll see if we can get a comment from the Suzuki guys.

The Inazuma – called the GW250 in Australia – on which the 250 V-Strom will be based is a 250 road bike that looks like this…

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