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Wild Patagonia!

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A new tour by Compass Expeditions.

Compass Expeditions has been riding in Patagonia for over 10 years. The Patagonia Explorer tour is the company’s most popular and made it onto National Geographic Traveler’s ‘Tours of a Lifetime’ list. It is still the only motorcycle tour ever to make that prestigious list.

In November 2019 Compass will be fulfilling a long-held plan to release a second Patagonia tour, this time for those looking to get a little bit wild.

“Wild Patagonia is the tour we have been wanting to run for many years” said Compass Expeditions founder, Mick McDonald. “It shows off another side of Patagonia: the rugged and less-accessible regions that many visitors will never get to experience,” he continued.

A highlight of the new tour is perhaps the most scenic road in all of South America, and certainly one of the least known, the Carratera Austral, or Ruta 7, that offers an overload of scenic wonders. It is a spectacular ride through towering snow-capped peaks, perfect conical volcanoes, hanging glaciers, rare pristine forests, mighty fjords and a vastness virtually unmatched anywhere else on earth. Compass believes it is one of the best road trips on Earth.

Further to this, Compass Expeditions will also be riding sections of the famous Ruta 40, is part of the Trans American Highway and the mind blowing Seven Lakes Ride. Visiting Petrohue on the shores of Lago Todos los Santos, amazing Futaleufú, home to the finest white-water rafting on earth, Queulat National Park with its hanging glacier, Las Cavernas Marmoles and the San Rafael Glacier, the stunning UNESCO listed Los Alerces National Park and beautiful San Martin de Bariloche known for its delicious hand-made chocolates and incredible vistas.

This brand new 15-day / 16-night Compass Expeditions adventure will take you across the Andes twice as we cross between Chile to Argentina and back again to complete our loop of this dramatic part of the world.

The tour begins and ends in the Chilean Capital, Santiago and all internal flights and transfers are included as is accommodation in 3 and 4 star accommodation, all breakfasts and a well maintained, recent model BMW GS to explore Wild Patagonia.

For further details please email: [email protected]or visit: http://www.compassexpeditions.com/tours/wild-patagonia/

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