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Yamaha T7 accessory packs

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Advrider.com says Yamaha Europe has announced two different accessory packs for the T7 in the European market: the Explorer Pack and the Rally Pack.

The Explorer Pack is focused on travel, with aluminum panniers (37-litre capacity per side), along a beefed-up skid plate, engine crash bars, centre stand, and a rack.

The Rally Pack is aimed at riders who want to hoon about in the dirt, with a one-piece offroad seat (narrow, with grippy side panels), Akrapovic exhaust, tricked-out chain guide and chain guard, a rad guard, LED blinkers, a protective tank pad, and a number plate holder.

Yamaha will also offer other standalone accessories, including standard favourites likes heated grips, lowering kit and LED accessory lights.

European owners looking to customize their Tenere 700 can use the MyGarage app to pick colours, choose between Yamaha’s factory accessories, and see what it all looks like ahead of time. From there, they can order whatever specific configuration they choose from a dealership, who can assemble it all for them.

Demo Tour

Yamaha’s also going to be doing a Euro demo tour for the Tenere 700. Details of the tour are available at Yamaha’s Tenere 700 website. Yamaha is planning demo stops in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.

We can’t confirm any arrival times in Aus, but we spoke to Yamaha Motor Australia who confirmed the accessory packs will be available in Europe and are likely to offered here too.

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