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Bag Up that New Tigger

by admin

A luggage system for the new 900 Tigers

We finally got our mits on a new Tiger 900 to design our pannier support frames.

Although the frame set accommodates most ‘throw-over’ bags and all Andy Strapz Pannier systems, our Avduro Panniers are the best choice, of course.

Designed to support throw-over bags that have the weight of the taken on the seat, they are strong but light. We’ve carefully considered stress and impact areas, applying lessons learnt from 15 years of making our support frames here in Victoria.

Fitted in minutes (it takes longer to unwrap them than fit some say), frames can be removed when not travelling.

Run with out without pillion peg brackets.

Frame weight – 2 kg frames and all fittings. Mild steel, powder-coated satin black with stainless bolts.

Add a set of our 35 litre a side Avduro Panniers for a luggage system that weighs only 4kg, making one of the lightest yet toughest pannier systems available.

And…It’s made in Australia!

Frame set – $385

Avduro Pannier set $475
Frames, Avduro and Liner package $900

Plus freight.

Contact details

Phone 03 9786 3445
Email [email protected]


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