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BMW GS Trophy update: 31 May

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Shane Booth, the journalist covering the 2018 International GS Trophy, has landed in Mongolia!

“Mongolia it is!
“I’ve just landed in Ulaanbataar after three flights, and made it to the GS Trophy Base Camp. That’s something I never thought I’d be saying. Although it was a slightly last-minute call up I’m extremely grateful to be here and covering this event for BMW Motorrad Australia. I’ll be embedded with the Australian team throughout the event, doing my best to to keep everyone in Australia up to date with how the guys are doing and what the days challenges have been.
“The Australian GS Trophy Team is still two days away. I’m here a little earlier for media briefings and two days of media rider training which should be fun. I’ll try be a good student, hopefully I pass. In the meantime, I’m just settling in to our accommodation, traditional Mongolian Yurts, which by the way are great.

“I’m spending some fun time with the event staff which includes Aussies Miles Davis and Amy Harburg. I also got to catch up with Kinga Tanajewska who I think we can claim as an ‘honorary’ Aussie.
You can’t help but feel how much of a worldwide event this really is. It will be great when Simon, Shane, Michael and Julia arrive in a few days, until then I’ll be busy on the bike and getting more of a feel for this amazing event.”
Stay tuned!

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