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Improve your skills with BMW Off Road Training

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When it comes to riding adventure bikes off road there is no substitute for solid riding skills. Being confident off road equals less stress, more fun and more adventure!
BMW Motorrad has been providing adventure riding training courses since 2003.

Our highly qualified instructors have taught thousands of riders, giving them the skills needed to get the most out of their GS.
At BMW Off Road Training we pride ourselves in our record – riders are always saying how much fun they have as well as how much they have learnt.
Rider safety is paramount, you don’t have to attempt any exercise you don’t feel comfortable with. Sometimes it’s better to watch and learn, then decide if the exercise is for you or not.

Courses offered include:
Level 1 – Learning the core off road skills, getting the basics right.
Level 2 – Take it to the next level, focus is on precision, balance and more technical terrain.
Ladies Only – Getting the girls together to learn and enjoy an excellent learning environment.
Sand Training – Learn how to conquer riding sand (must have completed level 1 or 2 course previously).

For more information on course dates and locations, please click below.

ladies only courses.

At BMW, we’re all about celebrating female riders and encouraging diversity in motorcycling.

Our Ladies Only courses were introduced in 2016. They have been a popular way for females to learn new skills and embrace off road riding in a supportive and fun environment.
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bmw safari.

2017 is going to be a huge year for BMW Safari.

Along with the GS Safari Enduro in August and the TS / GS Safari in October, we’ve introduced some new events to the schedule to spice things up and offer more rides throughout the year.
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