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MotoPlug Wireless Phone Charger

by admin

By Chris Bostelman

This is a great piece of kit. I’ve used a multitude of phone-mounting systems and, like most of us, I’m continually searching for the perfect solution. 

The MotoPlug wireless phone charger from Rocky Creek Designs is easy to install, and it’s easy to put the phone into the holder. It uses QI charging so works on any QI-compatible phone (Android/iOS etc) and has a one-year limited warranty.

I loved not having to plug and unplug a cable every timeI got off the bike or stopped to take a photo. Sometimes you have to be quick to catch that picture before your mate gets back up off the ground.


  • Connecting and using the supplied SAE cable is simple and makes it easy to move between bikes and the car
  • It’s a secure mounting system. My phone never looked like vibrating out of the holder once
  • You can remove the phone quickly and take a photo while still wearing gloves.
  • No cables to plug in or unplug
  • Easy to read navigation apps as the mount didn’t vibrate or move around on the ‘bars


  • No additional USB port

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