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Scottoiler X System Electronic Chain Oiler

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By Chris Bostelman

It’s just like having a shaft drive, right? Low maintenance except for the odd chain-tension adjustment and you don’t need to carry chain lube.

The test bike was a KTM 950 Super Enduro R and I diligently followed the instructions/youtube video and installed as described. I was limited by the stripped-down nature of this bike and had to install the oil feed line on the outside of the swing arm. I would’ve liked to install it in a different manner, but it’s worked well.

After several thousand kilometres it hasn’t been an issue as the side stand and centrestands cover most of the vulnerable area when retracted.

Now on to product performance.

I didn’t clean the chain before installing. I simply fitted the Scottoiler, purged the line of air (a simple, automated process) and the system did the rest. I set the oiler to 1, the lowest setting, and on the first single-day adventure ride the chain was always pretty clean during the ride. I didn’t see a build-up that could turn into grinding paste and the oil splatter on the bike was at a minimum, I had to search to find any. The chain and sprockets arrived home adequately lubed and cleaner than when I left that morning. I was pleasantly suprised

The 12v powered controller and reservoir I installed under the seat and it’s permanently powered. You can turn the controller on and off directly at the unit if the bike is sitting for a while between rides. If left on, the unit goes to sleep and it activates when the bike detects motion. There are five levels of dosing adjustment. 

Refilling the unit with Scottoil is as easy as you can get. You simply remove the reservoir cap, connect the hose from the refill bottle and squeeze.

When cleaning the bike after a ride, simply wash as you normally would and the chain comes up like new with a light rinse. I found I didn’t need any direct scrubbing or chemical intervention to clean off the excess lube like I do if using normal chain lube. After the wash, I found if I simply went for a quick ride with the oiler set to 3 out of 5 (to increase and the oil dosing for the short ride distance) the chain shed the water and was re-lubed.  I experimented with different dose rates and found setting 1 was enough for a normal ride. I did select position 2 of 5 on a really, really wet day and found it kept the chain well lubed, even during torrential rain.

While I wasn’t sure to start with, I’m now converted. The chain is free of tight spots, is clean, well lubed and all without the need to chemically clean the muck off the chain and the excess of the bike.


  • Tight spots in the chain due to dry link/rollers are no longer detectable 
  • The chain seems to self-clean and the excess doesn’t end up sticking to the bike. It’s a big time saver
  • No need to carry lube/oil unless you’re doing more than a few thousand km 
  • Bike washing is easier


  • Fitting the oil-feed line can take some planning to find the best mounting solution

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