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Nelson Rigg SE-3000 Dry duffle bag

by admin

By Chris Bostelman

My favourite Nelson Rigg bag by far is the SE-3000 Sahara Dry duffle bag.

Like the saddlebags, it has an internal but flexible stiffening insert that holds the bag’s shape. The beauty of the stiffener in the bag is that when you open the roll top, you can see its entire contents. It’s like a soft, waterproof top box. The metal buckles combined with the included loop-style straps make mounting the bag a breeze. 

Getting quick and easy access to all your stuff in a waterproof soft bag was previously a thing dreams were made of. Nelson Rigg has made this dream a well-priced reality.

Like a soft, waterproof top box.


  • Quality fasteners
  • Removable handle
  • Good access when bag is open
  • Can access items quickly


  • Slight fraying on one of the straps, but it was very easily fixed

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