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Nelson Rigg SE-3050 Deluxe Adventure Dry saddlebags

by admin

By Chris Bostelman

Riding sweep for organized events means you carry more gear than your average adventure rider. After all, you’re carrying gear to repair more than one model of bike. Combine this with the accelerated wear and tear inflicted on gear during lots of off-road kilometers and you get a perfect test scenario.

Where is this going?

Nelson Rigg makes a quality product. I’ve just carried more than 18kg of tools, spares, clothes and recovery gear across literally thousands of bumps, holes, rocks and corrugations, and the bags look just the same as they did when I first started. A quick scrub and the finish is still excellent after 14 days off-road. 

The metal buckles on the SE-3050 Deluxe Adventure Dry saddlebags make for easy opening and closing while still wearing gloves. The removable carry bags make loading and unloading not only a painless task, but mean the soft panniers stay mounted to your trusty adventure bike. Having to take your panniers off when stopping in town overnight is a thing of the past.

Nelson Rigg SE-3050 Adventure Dry saddlebags. Tough and compact.


  • Removable liners
  • Metal buckles make for easy access
  • Easy clean up


  • Small capacity if you normally take the kitchen sink
  • Don’t fit as well on a large adventure bike without pannier fames

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