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Out with the old. In with the new.

by admin

The editor’s been wearing the same pair of manked-out kneeguards for over 20 years. It was time for a change, and a pair of EVS Options were the go.

The old kneeguards haven’t been used as much in the last 10 years or so, not since Stephen Gall measured up and fitted a pair CTi Edge braces after a rough injury, but for adventure riding, the scunjey, purple plastic guards – held on with insulation tape – have been the go-to equipment. The editor will tell anyone who’ll listen how he’s never liked them, but he insists on peeling off a length of tape and sticking those buggers on for every ride.

If you look closely you can even see where the rats have had a nibble on one of the edges in the shed.

But now he’s grinning.

The EVS Options are slimmer, offer better protection, and are supplied with some natty Velcro straps that make the whole fitting process less troublesome and much neater.

The manufacturer says:

“The all new Option Knee Pad is completely redesigned. It features a hard, molded polypropylene shell with a perforated bio-foam liner for increased breathability and superior impact protection. The reinforced TPR hinge system ensures full coverage and comfortable knee movement.


  • Hard molded polypropylene shell
  • Perforated bio-foam liner for increased breathability
  • Full knee to shin coverage
  • Reinforced TPR hinge system
  • Asymmetric design for left & right legs
  • Sold as a pair”

They’re about $40 a pair from your bike shop, and if it means we don’t have to listen to the editor’s stories about his old kneeguards or get a whiff of them every time he pulls them out of his gearbag, it’d be the best $40 anyone spent this year.

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