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Rukka: High-quality apparel

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Whenever motorcyclists talk about top-quality protective gear that combines
practical functionality with great comfort and outstanding safety, as a rule, they
mean Rukka products. This great reputation is no accident. The well-known
products of the Finnish brand are the results of decades of collaboration in
research and development with renowned suppliers.

Rukka as a brand owes its outstanding reputation among motorcyclists not only
to the top quality of its high-tech products, but also to its typical Scandinavian
design, a styling that discriminating riders find to pleasantly set Rukka suits
apart from the confused mass of other available products. Rukka motorcycling
apparel has been honoured with numerous design prizes and other awards.
In the late 1980s, Rukka triggered a whole new generation of motorcycle
apparel to offer outstanding abrasion resistance and therefore high levels of
safety, combined with exceedingly high wearing comfort. At this point in history,
leather riding apparel starts largely to be replaced by textile motorcycle suits in
the touring and sport touring segments.
In the aftermath, and to this day, Rukka consolidates its reputation as a high
tech brand by usually being the first among makers of motorcycle garments to
introduce revolutionary innovations to the industry. Such innovations are often
developed together with suppliers like Gore, Dupont, D3O and 3M. They include
such advanced features as the extremely air permeable outer shell fabric
Cordura AFT, the highly abrasion resistant mixed Cordura/Kevlar fabric
Armacor, the temperature regulating Outlast lining, air permeable and active
protectors, as well as the highest-performing Gore-Tex® membranes of their
respective eras.
Since 1990, Rukka has been an independent division of the Luhta Sportswear
Company, one of Europe’s largest clothing manufacturers. Today, Rukka offers
its top quality products globally in 50 countries. The most important foreign
market is Germany. Rukka achieves other major fractions of its total export
revenue in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Denmark and not forgetting the North
American continent.

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