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Spidi Full DPS vest

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Full DPS Vest SPIDI evolves the traditional DPS system by making it more protective.
A 22 lt. cushion wraps the torso and the rider’s neck, increasing the safety level in sensitive areas in event of a crash. The system works in synergy with the helmet to reduce potentially damaging neck movements and promoting the tendency to roll, thereby limiting dangerous torsions. The inflated airbags also cover the back and chest areas. The total time of activation and inflation of the system is only 200ms.
The system is removable and rechargeable after use. The activation mechanism is made with YKKR buckles and Keramide cable, with
a tensile strength of 200 kg.

* Integrated warrior back protector EN 1621-2:2014 Lev. 1
* Thorax and neck pneumatic device
* Pants clip to join jacket/trousers
* Activation and inflation time of 200 ms
* Adjustable waist fastening
* High tenacity polyester fabric
* Hi visibility certified fabric
* Reflex zones for night-riding
* Punched mesh fabric

Colour: Black
Sizes: M to XL

RRP $995.00

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