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ADVX 17 Cape York live tracker link

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Adventure Bikes New ride CalendarAPC Rally March 10th 2018 9 Day APC rally
(only 1 weeks holiday required) Start Points are less than 100 km from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. You start and finish at the same point (new improved course) $980
Canada Ultimate bike tour July 23 rd 2018 .
( 14 day Start and Finish Vancouver ) . Price includes bike freight, sweep vehicle and sweep rider. $5400 incredible tracks with (Hotel accommodation ) Whistler , The Rocky Mountains, Banff and Calgary. We make the logistics easy.

ADVX 2019 Australia Crossing 25th May 2019 Perth to Byron Bay .

14 day ride. $1700 This is a massive adventure which is the pinnacle of adventure riding in Australia.
John Hudson 0414457455 [email protected] Register your interest now.

Cars (Adventure drives)
7th October 2017 2 day bush driving Marburg 2 wd and 4wd class $200 per vehicle.

9th December 2017 2 day bush driving Urbenville 2wd and 4 wd class $200 per vehicle .

29th September 2018 9 day Adventure drive Challenge (It’s a loop track so you start and finish at the same point. Start points close to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Deniliquin Muster and Dubbo) Only 1 week off work required.

26th May 2019 Advx Cross Australia Perth to Byron Bay nearly all dirt. 2wd and 4 wd class $1700per vehicle 5400 km of wild dirt tracks.

Car Notes
We have created fantastic adventure drives that your family or friends can do together.
You use a GPS to navigate the course on minor tracks and bush roads that will lead you to some incredible places.
The courses are designed so you can bring any car that can handle some bush tracks in some very remote areas.
This is a fantastic experience to share with your family. Having other vehicles on the course not only provides fun it also means you have some help around if you get stuck.
On the adventure drives everyone camps and we use big areas so families have a quiet area. Often we will stay at Country show grounds so showers and toilets are available.
You can either use your 4 wd and take the family on an adventure and have some serious fun together or you may buy a V8 ute with your mate or son for $10,000 and get some swags, a fridge, two chairs and some recovery gear and take on the minor bush tracks in the car you wanted when you were a teenager. Either way, you will end up at some beautiful places and can be sitting around a fire either just with your family or with a group of like minded people. It’s a cross between the “Dakar and the Endevour rally”. No fundraising required just show and go !!
Its about not perfect vehicles getting you to beautiful remote places that are often not on a map and having to use skill and experience to try and stay out of trouble. Tell the kids to leave the ipad at home they will be helping you navigate the course or learning how to change a tyre or setting up camp and then having a game of bush cricket.
We want these kids to know how to do all this stuff so the knowledge isn’t lost. This isn’t a race it’s about just making it to the night camp.!

Some history on the organiser. Built adventure bike off road rally courses for five years. Has competed in 4 Australian safaris, founder of Australian Motorcycle search and rescue, Instructor : bushcraft and survival and navigation 5 years. Currently, holds the record for crossing Australia on offroad tracks from Steep point to Byron Bay in 70 hours and 33 minutes.
Quick Note
Bikes are very selfish sport and I am hoping to share my track knowledge with people who want to drive a car over some amazing tracks. In a vehicle you can have your kids,mate or wife with you. I want everyone to keep it simple and not for it to become a big budget affair that has been the death of desert racing events in this country. The more stuff that goes wrong the more we will all have to help each other out.

Canada 2018 Information

We have 14  spots available !! $2000 deposit required Ride cost $5400 includes the freight there and back . Back up vehicle and sweep rider. 
We have been before and have refined the tracks and have logistics sorted.

1. May 20th 2018 bikes will be shipped from Brisbane.
2. All riders need to be at Vancouver July 22rd 2018
3. Ride will finish at Vancouver August 3rd 2018
5.The route starts in Vancouver and then goes to Whistler and then west to the Rockies than to Calgary we then head south down to the U.S border and head back to Vancouver.This ride is well suited to intermediate riders. The ride is simply the best I have ever done.
Other cost
Minimum fuel range 400 km
Camping gear not required. Just keep clothes bag on bike.

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