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ADVX Cape York 2017

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Click here For entry form:https://gallery.mailchimp.com/c3708c0f37c485b43f644e740/files/ADV_X_Cape_York_Entry_Form_2017.01.docx

Well guys here is the start of another massive adventure.
July 22nd the ride will leave Brisbane and the track will start the moment you leave Brisbane. The unique part of this ride is that we have track from Brisbane to Cairns that is world class and then you and your machine will get to Cairns where you can do a quick tyre change and  service and then you attack the next leg up to the Cape. You then have to make it back to Cairns on another cracking track . We will then have the ability for you to freight your bike home and catch a plane . Estimated ride time for an average rider is 14 days.
Our reputation in the market is to create courses that not everyone will finish. You really do need to show up ready for a massive adventure.
Our support crew are there to help those who need it. Our map allows you to ride at your own pace and there are no regroups. This way we limit dust and have the field spread out so the local business’s can handle it.
We are selling you a map but insist that all riders have the following before using the map.

  1. Spot trackers and a Garmin GPS are essential items.
  2. Travel insurance
  3. Auto motive recovery top cover such as RACQ Ultra.
  4. Registered motorbike and current licence.
  5. An attitude where you will never ride past a rider who needs a hand. (we work as a team, because no one cares who comes first )

GPS loading night and information nights will be held in Brisbane, Sydney ,Melbourne the first weekend of July.
This time riders will deal directly with “bikes only” we will liaise with them so we can organise a discounted rates for our riders.

ADVX events we all camp, if there happens to be a bed somewhere it’s a bonus. On your GPS map you will have fuel stops marked ,good camp sites, workshops and pubs.
If you breakdown we will get your bike to the next town that has some form of public transport. At this point we will unload your bike and yourself and then another adventure will start. It might sound ruthless but our sweep vehicles are going flat out to cover the distances each day and we need space to recover bikes for each leg between the towns. Dakar riders will know the drill!!

I am looking forward to seeing all you blokes again , riding this course when others are out there is what makes this special. We simply look after each other and some lifelong friendships are made.
To  riders who have helped me with local knowledge when creating this course all I can say is a big thank you .




The ride will start  from the Brisbane International hotel ,Virginia at 7-00 am  on the 22nd of July . This hotel has over 130 rooms.
On the Friday night we will have an opening dinner at the Brisbane International Hotel. This is where the final briefing will be held at 8-00 pm.

“Bikes only ” will be our preferred bike transport company. There will be a shed in Brisbane where all bikes will be stored in Brisbane . “Bikes only” will also organize transport of bikes from Cairns back to all the major cities in Australia once the ride is finished.
We will organize a bulk discount with “bikes only” but riders should be made aware that there bike may need be freighted up to 4 weeks before the ride starts.

Course layout 

We will have a big bike course that is made up of dirt roads and would suit the less advanced riders (easy course). This course will cross over the ADVX course which is designed to be a challenge. This way riders will have the opportunity to change from either course at there leisure. For the first 3 days these courses would use separate fuel stops and accommodation so we don’t have riders getting too much dust or any long waits at fuel stations.
We will most likely require riders to have a fuel range of 500 km.
Our simple goal is to create an awesome track from Brisbane to Cairns then up to the Cape and then back to Cairns. The other riders on the course is what makes it interesting.
The advmap team will have  vehicles following the easy and hard course and have sweep riders who have mechanical skill.


Australia Crossing 70 hours 33 min.

Steep point to Byron bay.
Via Gunbarrel and French line in the Simpson desert.

Here is a copy of the plan!! There is a full story coming out in the next adventure rider magazine.


  • Nov 22nd Tuesday – Fly to Perth pick up bike and ride to Geraldton and stay night. 450 km (easy on tyres)
  • Nov 23rd Wednesday – Geraldton to Steep Point. 600km (easy on tyres) camp out on Steep Point



We’ll leave Steep Point at 5 am WA time

  • Steep to Overlander – 184 km 2.4 hours – leave 5.00am – Overlander opens at 7 am – arrive at Overlander 7-30 am
  • Overlander to Meeka – 540 km 5.5 hours – open from 5 am till 10 pm arrive at Meeka 12.50 pm
  • Meeka to Carnegie – 525 km 5 hours – organise fuel to be open arrive at Carnegie 6.pm 35 min break. Dinner, refuel, rewater min 6 litres.
  • Carnegie to Warburton – 488 km 12 hours (8 riding, 4 hour sleep) We need to do 200 km after Carnegie. Warburton is on W.A time. Last 130 km easy going 100kmph ave. Then NT is 1hr 30 min ahead. 60 litres of fuel resupply water. Roadhouse open at 9 am.


  • Warburton to Kulgera – 760 km 8 hours – Chance of fuel 200 km at Papulantuku fuel till 12pm. We need to get to Kulgera before 7pm
  • Kulgera to Mt Dare – 251km 3 hours (Friday night at 8.30 pm fuel at Mt Dare) Meal at Mt dare. 30 min break for 70 litres of fuel, 7 litres of water.
  • Mt Dare to Birdsville – 510km 13 hours including 4 hour sleep (QLD is 30 minutes ahead) planned arrival at Birdsville 10 am QLD time.A wake up time of 5 am to do the toughest section before Popples in daylight. 20 min stop at Birdsville 70 litres fuel,4 litres of water.


  • Birdsville to Quilpie – 633km 6 hours
  • Quilpie to Charleville – 209km 2 hours – 24 hour fuel at Charleville
  • Charleville to Goondoowindi – 576 km 6 hours
  • Goondoowindi to Byron Bay – 460km 5.3 hours (hills and traffic)


Total number of refuels is 10 @ 15 min each 1.30 hours.

Ride time of 68.2hours plus refuels equals 69.7 hours total if all goes well.

Canada trip was awesome we are going again!!!!

18th august 2017  Only 13 spots available
14 days starting and finishing in Vancouver.
The ride cost is $2700 this includes a sweep rider and a sweep vehicle carrying gear and beer and maybe your partner. The GPS course is now very accurate which you need because its very easy to get lost.
Freight cost is $2700 per bike. ‘
Canada bike rego and travel insurance $700
No camping on this one you need just cloths and spares. We visit Whistler resort and do some downhill mountain biking, Jasper for two days which includes a glacial hike . Banff for some fun.
The track is simply the best riding I have ever done. What makes it special is the incredible scenery around every corner.
We will have positions for the girls in the sweep truck . Expect some real track and not roads it was just brilliant..
Good riders could double partners on 90% of the course.Please email me if you are keen. After March 2017 no refunds because you won a spot in the container . To book a spot you need to pay $2600.into the following account : Debra Laws
Bank:  ANZ          Branch:     Gatton                               BSB: 014589                             Account No: 299290451
Now that we know the track and have been there it will be even better next year. P.s there is a bridge across every creek in Canada and the quad trails are simply the best adventure bike tracks I have ever been on.

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