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Andy Strapz 20th Anniversary

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Twenty years ago Andy was sitting in his shed and cursing a secondhand sewing machine as he learned to use it to convert a ‘Eureka’ moment into something useful. A few weeks later he stood at a swap meet in Goulburn next to a chunk of plywood with a few packs of Strapz pinned to it. He never dreamed this anniversary would roll around.

Sitting back and taking a moment to appreciate just how far Andy Strapz has come from that old tin shed fills Andy with awe. “I never entertained the idea that the name Andy Strapz would establish itself as a ‘proper’ player in the Aussie motorcycle scene,” he beamed.

“Our approach has always been one of chasing down the best gear to support a travelling motorcyclist. If we could make it we would. If not, we’d source the best, making bloody sure it worked. Organically the Mother Of Invention took Andy Strapz into a place that hadn’t been attended to by the motorcycle industry before; a range of goodies to make the most enjoyable way of travelling smoother and easier. All the gear we bring on board is still tested out on the road and either offered for sale or sent back to the supplier.

“Part of the evolution of the travelling motorcyclist during this time was the advent of adventure riding (we called it ‘Dual Sport’ back in The Day), motorcycle travel while getting dusty. Any serious trip on a bike is an adventure, be it a cruise to a blues festival, an old clunker for a few days carving the hills, a big chookie smashing through the desert or an overland trek across exotic landscapes. We don’t discriminate!

“Our small but dedicated team of amazing craftswomen have made this all possible with their attention to detail and quality. Manufacturing our gear here in Oz has been a hard slog but it’s the support of Aussie bikers that keeps us pushing on.”

Andy would like to extend a massive thanks to all those who have been on the supporting end of this journey, and hopes to see you out on the road.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Andy Strapz moved to new premises not so long ago, and we’ve been publishing his old phone number. Sorry about that. Here’s the correct, current contact details:

1/95 Brunel Rd

Seaford, Vic, 3198

Ph 03 9786 3445

email; [email protected]


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