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Dakar 2017: Stage Five. Sunderland takes the lead

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Provisional standings after Stage 5

  2. QUINTANILLA, Pablo (CHL) +12:00
  3. VAN BEVEREN, Adrien (FRA) +16:07
  4. FARRES, Guell Gerard (ESP) +20:57
  5. WALKNER, Matthias (AUT) +29:01
  6. DE SOULTRAT, Xavier (FRA) +36:06
  7. SVITKO, Stefan (SVK) +48:43
  8. RENET, Pierre Alexandre (FRA) +54:45     BRABEC, Ricky (USA) +31:50
  9. DUPLESSIS, Diego Martin (ARG) +01hour:04m:55
  10. GONÇALVES, Paulo (PRT) +01hour:08m:21

17. SMITH, Todd (AUS) +01hour:41m:59s

62. HART, Matthew (AUS) +05hour:11m:16s

From Rod Faggotter on Facebook…

“WELL, it is the DAKAR!
“Weird shit can and definitely will happen. Limits tested of highs and lows.
“Starting off in Asuncion with 40* and 90% humidity. Oh and rain.
“Day 1 was nothing special and a good warm up to position 26th and then 400k road section in the heat. Team was happy and just in front of my “boss rider” Helder.
“Day 2 – leisurely 300 something k road section….. then WHAM!!!! Im on my side sliding down the bitumen ….. thinking quickly I lift up my left hand as it’s getting ground away ???? . I had hit a 3″ high cement ripple parallel in the road but all painted same colour as the lines . Even when stopped I could barely make it out. Luckily my safety wear did its job but I trashed a $500 jacket ????. Sore hand, arm and mostly shoulder & the talk of the morning. General European feedback is
“f#$king tough kangaroo huh …!”
“Teaspoon of cement powder later (my french team still don’t understand me) I start the stage. Rode hard passing many riders in 1st 100k to end up around 10th for the day after other riders copped their penalties. Day 3 – feeling very sore and low on cement powder….. struggled a bit and rode with caution … had a hi altitude cross at 4900 metres!! to finish 18 and up to 16th in overall standings. Day 4 …. started well… feeling ok and reasonably strong… then WHAM!!!?????? Bike stopped on hispeed straight. While watching everyone ride past I try everything to fix this bike with the tools I have. Seat/tanks/electrics all off and I eventually find a broken item which NOBODY has ever seen happen. Weird shit happens at Dakar ????????
“I had pressed the “non emergency ” so I wait 5 or so hours for the helicopter ride to next checkpoint. Then hitch a ride with a car race mechanical team.
“The worst part is despite trying different borrowed phones , my messages to my beautiful wife Cherie do not get through. Not until I get to the next bivouac in Bolivia do I manage to ring on the sat phone. It is the toughest on the ones you love because information is not great. Many riders hurt today including Toby Price with a broken leg ????.
Thankyou for everyone’s support,,, I have caught glimpses of the likes and comments but have had little wifi OR time. Thanks, Rod”

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