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Ducati’s special Scramblers

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From motorcycle-magazine.com…

Ducati has revealed a pair of special Scramblers in Verona during the Motor Bike Expo. Celebrating the model’s enormous success, with 32,000 sold in just two years, are the Scrambler R/T and Scrambler Essenza.

Built by customizers Anvil Motorcycles and South Garage respectively, the two bikes are one-offs intended to show what the basic Scrambler can be turned into.

Let’s start with the Scrambler R/T. Standing for Road and Track, the R/T is based on the smallest Scrambler, the 400cc Sixty2. Anvil Motorcycles developed it to hark back to the original Ducati Scramblers of the 1970s. As such it gets a retro-shaped fuel tank and new bars designed to recall desert racers of the era. The ‘53’ on the front refers to the number of days taken to complete the project. The studded tyres? Well, call it artistic licence.

The Scrambler Essenza by South Garage is a more radical machine. Designed as a café racer, it features a fairing made largely from Perspex, bolted to a metal frame. The Scrambler tank and chassis are unaltered, but alloy components like the swingarm are given a brushed finish. The firm says it was going for a steampunk look and the unusual materials, quilted leather seat and handmade look all contribute to that.

Of course, these special Scramblers aren’t available to buy. But that’s not the point – they’re supposed to inspire you to make something yourself.

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