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Mitas Terra Force tyres

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TERRA FORCE-R was designed for maxi enduro and trail motorcycles and is meant to be used 90% on-road and 10% off-road. TERRA FORCE-R is the ideal choice for commuters as well as for adventurers who love longer rides with a passenger and luggage. The aim was to offer to both groups of riders a safe, dynamic and user-friendly tire.

Mitas TERRA FORCE-R is an excellent choice for riders of adventure motorcycles,” said Ksenija Bitenc, managing director for Mitas Moto. ”TERRA FORCE-R is a radial dual purpose tire with a more street oriented tread pattern. It offers an excellent traction on wet or dry roads and outstanding performance on light off-road surfaces,” added Bitenc.

Mitas Terra Force

Mitas TERRA FORCE-R ensures immediate grip, excellent traction on wet or dry roads, easy steering and manoeuvrability with good straight and corner stability. Important characteristic of TERRA FORCE-R is also consistent performance through its lifetime and under heavy loads. All abovementioned characteristics of TERRA FORCE-R were tested by highly competent and skilled test riders. Tire testing was done on different motorcycles, in various weather conditions and on diverse surfaces.

Tread compounds for Mitas TERRA FORCE-R were specially developed including most modern elastomers and high active fillers. Excellent grip in all conditions, optimal balanced wear rate and maximum confidence at riding on-road as well as off-road were achieved. Technologies and compounds are Mitas’ commitment to provide safe and pleasant ride.

Mitas TERRA FORCE-R features advanced technologies which are the result of in-house research and development:

  • OGT3D – 3-D Optimum Groove Technology
  • 3-D Optimum Groove Technology (OGT 3D) is featured by optimum tread groove direction, optimum groove depth and less overheating of tread compounds.
  • SCT – Strong Carcass Technology
  • Strong Carcass Technology (SCT) maintains the carcass rigidity at a high level even as the tire wears, thereby prolonging the optimum driving performance throughout the tire’s service life.
  • FEA – Final Element Analysis

Using the finite elements analysis (FEA) and a special computer-assisted simulation, optimum tire construction was designed to achieve the highest level of grip, but at the same time rigid enough to achieve driving stability. FEA ensures optimal tread, construction and material definitions. MSRP: $139.95 – $179.95 Mitas-Moto.com


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