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SP Connect Moto Bundle

by admin

Having a phone held securely and safely on a bike is difficult, especially when phones are becoming so bloody important. Navigation, entertainment, communication and even bike tuning are all covered by phones, so mounting and access have become important considerations.We’ve been using the SP Connect Moto Bundle for a while, and it’s a good set-up.Basically, a clamp with a clip fits to the ’bars and the phone goes in a plastic cover which has a slim receiver socket on the back. It’s just a matter of snapping the phone onto the mount and tuning it 90 degrees.Done.It sits there, locked in and ready to go. When the phone’s not on the bike, the plastic cover stays on. It’s an excellent drop and bump protector.

The Moto Bundle includes an arm that allows the phone to be offset in any direction to suit the rider’s cockpit, and the clip mount itself can be set at an angle so the phone ends up where the rider wants it after the 90-dgeree lock turn.

There’s also some circular packing rubbers to fit the clamp to ‘bars of different sizes, and a weather cover for those poor unfortunates who didn’t buy the iPhone 8+.We pounded around some rough terrain and smoothed along some big distances and the SP Connect rig did its job, no problems. The phone was stable and stayed in place and the keypad was right there, easy to use.It’s a good bit of gear.

Grab one from the nearest bike shop.

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