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Ready for Adventure with RIDEKTM.COM.AU

by admin

KTM Australia has just launched a dedicated microsite for their Orange Adventure riders, asking them to get involved in the planning of upcoming KTM Adventure Events.




KTM Adventure events will soon be taking place across Australia, but before KTM Australia launches these exciting rides, they want YOUR say. Fill in the HAVE YOUR SAY survey on ridektm.com.au and voice your opinion on what you want to experience with your KTM.


Ridektm.com.au will be the home of all things KTM Australia Adventure, with the latest news, products and reviews featured on the blog, as well as stories from real KTM riders.

When it comes to Adventure riding, we believe that the adventurous spirit lurks in all of us, but few ever answer its call. It’s those with the courage and vision to follow this call that find KTM is the perfect match. And when you purchase a KTM motorcycle, you become a part of the Orange Family. A family that attracts riders who think and feel in a similar way; you want the best, the fastest, the most extreme.

You take your KTM that extra distance and RIDE KTM is dedicated to just that: making your Orange experience all it can be.

So check out the new site, have your say, subscribe for updates and stay tuned for Orange Adventure Events coming your way soon. #watchthisspace #ridektm




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