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Best Job In The World

This entry is part 16 of 21 in the series Adventure Rider Issue #38

What a season!

Seriously, it was bloody awesome.

Being a tour guide for Cape York Motorcycle Adventures, living half the year on a bike riding through tropical far north Queensland…it can’t get much better, can it?

The short answer is, “No. Not really.”

I’m sure glad I hassled the old boy for a motorbike as a young tacker. He brought me one, the legend he is, and supported my riding above and beyond. Now I’m getting paid to ride. Ahhh…I love it.

I’ve still got my first bike too, a 1970s model Yamaha MX80. What a little beast it is.

Homeward bound

We’ve just finished off our final Cape York trip for the season, and I absolutely loved it. But I’m a little sad at the same time, because I don’t want it to end just yet.

But hey. I’ll be back!

Some time off will be good. I’ll head home to Tassie to see the family, jump back on the tools and do some welding for a while. It won’t be for too long and I’m already itching to get back up here for the next season.

It can’t get much better, can it?
The boys couldn’t believe how good it got.

Camera time

Philip Warring is the man!

AKA ‘PhlipVids’, we had Phil on one of our seven-day Cape York trips to do some camera work. Man! He is full of enthusiasm and energy for his work. He didn’t miss a thing, creating a promo video for CYMA to show the world what we’re all about. You’d have seen bits and pieces on the Adventure Rider MagazineFacebook page.

The weird thing is, I don’t think I saw him without a camera in his hands for the whole trip. Maybe the camera is a part of his body? It seemed that way, and he did create some magic in the end. Click on this link to see

Jeremy Coatman

That’s probably not going to work out of a magazine, eh? You might have to punch it into your phone or jump onto the CYMA Facebook page. Readers with an electronic subscription will be right, though.

Either way, get on and get an insight into what we do. It honestly gives me goosebumps watching it…and it’s a quick reminder how lucky I am to be doing this!

Phil is a genuine dude, too, with a genuine passion for what he does. Good on you, mate! It was a pleasure having you on board.

Another successful run to The Cape.

Dress code

You need protective gear when riding dirt bikes, and for some, sometimes, it may just be a dress.

With a wild bunch of Tassie boys on board for a seven-day Cape trip, anyone who fell was told, well, “Chuck the dress on, mate.”

Soon enough it wasn’t just the dress.

While travelling through the Old Tele Track a quite large set of pink knickers were found, so under the dress they went! We spent the night on the track at Bertie Creek, kicking back in the swimming hole, having a cold beer, and the boys couldn’t believe how good it got.

The dress got another run the next morning going through Gunshot Creek.

I boosted Zac up a tree so he could get a bra someone had hung up.

So there they were, getting in and out of the girly kit every time they hit the dirt.

It was a bloody good laugh.

A perfect way to cool off.

Quick trip

It’s been mainly seven-day Cape trips throughout this season, but we recently snuck in a two-day tour and it was a blast. Up through the CREB Track we toiled, and then crossed the Meg River. Once the bikes were across, well, it was time to turn around and jump in. What a perfect way to cool off and rinse the riding gear.

A stay at the classic Lions Den Hotel near Cooktown, where the beer is always cold and the food is awesome, made for a great overnighter, and after bacon and eggs in the morning we were away again, heading back south. We pulled into Weary Bay and the boys battled their way down the beach to the mouth of the Bloomfield River, which is not a bad spot.

A quick stop at Roaring Meg Falls was a necessity. Everyone loves a good waterfall, right?

From there we jumped onto the Bloomfield Track, through Cape Tribulation, went for a ride aboard the Daintree ferry, and enjoyed a nice cruise along the coast into Cairns.

It doesn’t sound like a bad way to enjoy only two days, hey?

Why don’t you take a couple days off work or chuck a sickie even?

It’s worth it!

We love The Cape so much we even go back up in our time off.

Itching for the next season already.

Back soon

The season is over for the bikes but we aren’t done with The Cape just yet.

Roy’s got a fishing trip on with a good mate, Graham, and I’m loading up the ute with fishing gear and a tinny to drive support.

But the best thing I’m packing this trip is my darling partner, Jessica. It’s time to show her around the office.It’s a bloody big office, Cape York.

Then the almighty drive back to Tassie for the off season, which will be summer.

You beauty

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