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Ténéré not so tragic – another Peter Payne creation

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Want your Ténéré to be a good-lookin’, hard-workin’, go-anywhere adventure ride? The Yamaha Motor Australia folks can show you how it’s done.

We’re not exactly clear why Yamaha’s Peter Payne gets to build bikes for his employer.

We think it’s because Peter has a rare talent for tuning and sorting bikes, and because Yamaha wants to make the information available to its customers. It’s an excellent service for Yamaha owners, and one we’re happy to help our readers make the most of.

We’ve covered a couple of Peter Payne’s Super Ténéré builds in previous issues, and the magic of Peter’s approach centres around leaving alone the good aspects of the stock bikes. The changes he makes are often minimal, all are available to anyone who walks into their local dealer and knows what to ask for, and they all offer some very real improvements in either comfort, performance or both.

This issue Adventure Rider Magazine was invited to have a close look at a Payne-built XT660Z Ténéré. Under the watchful eye of Sean ‘Geez’ Goldhawk, who’s been doing some time on the bike, we gave the XTZ a good scrute.

The list

The bike is a tantalising study.

The stocker is strong and has a great motor, so it’s off to a flying start.

None of the changes and additions are startling or exotic – although the twin Akros must go very close – but the result is some big improve-ments just where they can do the most good. Here’s the list:

• Teknik front and rear off-road suspension $990
• Akrapović dual exhaust system $1141.94
• B&B engine protector $245
• SW Motech engine-frame protection system $279
• SW Motech centrestand $279
• Seat Concepts seat $274.95
• Pivot Pegz $239
• Dunlop 606 Tyres and heavy-duty tubes $278.80
• Barkbusters VSB ’bars $79.95
• ’Bar risers and adapter clamps to suit VSB ’bars $55
• Barkbusters with wind deflectors $165.95
• Skaggs billet rack $210
• Scott grips $25
• Heat Demon grip warmers $59.95
• Brake Snake $8.95

You can do it

As the list clearly shows, these are all off-the-shelf items anyone can buy. Yamaha customers could conceivably ask their dealer to supply a bike with these changes and this equipment already in place, or they could pick and choose from the list an item or two at a time.

The luggage and GPS didn’t appear on the list because they’re very personal items.

Some riders won’t want either, some will want the whole lot. The tankbag is a Giant Loop and the tailpacks are AltRider and Wolfman. The GPS is a Garmin Zumo. Peter P likes to travel very light, and this is his rig for even multi-day rides.

Whichever way it’s done, the Yamaha owner ends up the winner.

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