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Reviewed: Schuberth E1

by admin

I’ve been wearing the Schuberth E1 for a few months now, and it’s a great bit of gear.

Schuberth says the E1 offers ‘the characteristics and functionality of a flip-up helmet combined with the looks and the feel of an adventure helmet.’ I’ve found that to be pretty close to the mark.

I guess it’s because of the engineering needed to maintain the structural integrity of the helmet with the flip-front arrangement, but at first the E1 feels a little wide. In fact, I felt like a storm trooper from Star Wars. But that feeling soon passed as I became used to it. The helmet is wider and heavier than the other Euro-approved, one-piece full-face helmets I’d been wearing over the past couple of years, but only a smidge.

The build quality of the E1 is exceptional. It’s a top-shelf item, and that’s reflected in the price, but it’s clearly good value. The removeable, washable liner is really comfortable, the release catch on the strap is brilliant, and having a pinlock-visor included is gold. That probably puts the price close to other high-quality helmets right there. Pinlock isn’t cheap, and it’s far and away the best anti-fog system I’ve ever used.

My only complaint with the E1 is its tendency to sneak down over my eyebrows when I’m riding over rough ground. It’s really annoying. I mentioned it to Andy Strapz when we were on a ride. Andy’s also an E1 wearer, and nobody puts clobber to the test like he does. If Andy agrees to sell or use something, you can bet he’s given it a flogging.

Andy had me put the helmet on, jammed his fingers up between my forehead and the helmet and said, “It’s because you’ve got the wrong size.”

I’m sure he’s right. I looked at the helmet size of the Arai I’ve had for some years and called it over the phone to Schuberth Australia. They sent out a helmet the same size, I tried it and went, “Cool.”

So there’s a good lesson there. Get someone who knows what they’re doing to fit the helmet (or any riding gear).

I’ve worn it in the rain, heat, cold, long road trips, short blasts through the bush…pretty much the usual variety of scenarios any rider would expect to face over several months, and aside from letting everyone see the stupid faces I pull when I’m riding, it hasn’t let me down in any respect.

But really the big feature of the E1 is the flip front, and I reckon it’s absolutely the cat’s whiskers. Being able to flip that front up to chat, have a drink, shoot a pic or two or let an upset police officer see straight away he’s not dealing with some youngster playing out his MotoGP daydreams is awesome.

It’s also made me realise how many times in each I ride I must remove and replace and my helmet. Far too many!

For the flip-front feature alone I give the Schuberth E1 top marks, and for the uncompromising, high-quality build and components the same. It’s comfortable, strong and a very nice to wear, and the flip-front feature is magic.

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